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Question: Can I check pregnancy test before missed period.5days left my next period

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Answer: No dear, If you will check get negative result. If you want to know earlier, then better to go hospital check hcg level to get confirmation.
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Question: Can I check pregnancy test before missed period? If yes please suggest me how?
Answer: You can buy a home pregnancy test and check. But it's Usually not accurate and the result cannot be trusted
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Question: I missed period last 4days..can I check pregnancy test?
Answer: Yes dear U can check ur pregnancy now. If u find that the test is positive then it means that u are pregnant but if u see that it is negative then u are not pregnant. If it is negative then it means that there is delay in ur periods and it can be due to any reasons such as hormonal imbalance, stress, travelling etc. So, consult ur doctor first that what is the reason of ur missed period
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Question: Can we test pregnancy before missed period?
Answer: Dear you can but it would not give accurate results. There is no harm is doing it but if it come negative you again have to wait to miss ur periods and repeat the test after 7 days of missing ur periods. There is a high possibility that it will be negative. Hope it helps.
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