23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Can Any test detect FAS?

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes it can be detected ,if your doctor knows about it.he can order a special ultrasound scan to detect any developmental issues and growth delays .alcohol in Pregnancy could have quite serious neural defects in baby.
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Question: In how many weeks .. home pregnancy test can detect preganancy ?
Answer: It can detect as early as 2 weeks after conception. You should test once your lmp(last menses date) date is past a week already. The home kit can identify a week's pregnancy too but in many cases, the HCG hormone which helps to confirm a pregnancy and is seen as a pink line on your test strip is not high in concentration to get reported on your test strip. So it's recommended that you test after a week of your missed LMP date. Hope it helps! Take care.
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Question: Can we detect gender with baking soda test. How much the test is accurate?
Answer: Hi,I would kindly advice you to avoud believing on all such things.aim on having a healthy baby rather.
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Question: After how many days pregnancy can detect by urine test
Answer: Hi dear, Urine test for pregnancy can be done one week after you missed your period.
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