6 months old baby

Question: Calcium syrup for when it give morning or night

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Answer: Do the gentle massage to ur nipple using coconut oilonce day. Gradually increase
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Question: When to take calcium and iron tablets morning or night
Answer: Hie Have iron and calcium separately As in if your have iron 30 min post breakfast have calcium 30 min post lunch Having both at same time may lead to stomach upset If it still causes problem then discuss the same with your gynaclogist you may continue having calcium supplements and as for iron you can opt for injection or intravenous therapy (IV) three session of either is administered by your gynaclogist over a month or week span
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Question: Intead of taking calcium tablet can take syrup? When should take this morning or afternoon?
Answer: hi , yes you can take whatever you are comfortable in calcium tablet or syrup both are equally beneficial you can take it anytime of day just avoid having it with iron as it will subside the iron benifits. .
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Question: When we take tab IFA & Tab calcium morning or night ??
Answer: Iron and folic acid tablet can be taken in the morning and calcium at night...you can take these tablets 30-40mins after a meal..
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