4 months old baby

Question: By which month will my baby will start to sleep for 5 to 6hrs on stretch at night..?because till now he wakes up at an interval of 2hrs for feed

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Answer: Hi dear Hope your baby is still 4 months old only..at this stage feeding baby every 2 hours is an essential one....babies will start to sleep for 5-6 hours contineously by the age of 12 months atleast...now as they are very little they cant consume their feed at a time so till they complete 12 months feeding every 2 hours is necessary
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Question: I have 3 monthe pld baby.At night he will sleep at 11 pm and wakes up at morning 8 .Till then he will nit wakes up.Is there any problem if i dont feed him
Answer: Hi Dear! Its common in babies my own baby too has been a good sleeper always, count your blessing fr it, i would suggest you to offer dream feed to baby if baby accepts fine if not no issues let him sleep.. Good luck!
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Question: My baby refuses milk at night...he used to sleep at 9 and wakes up frequently .but doesn't drink milk till morning ...what to do...he cries whenever he wakes up at night
Answer: Hi dear You should feed him atleast twice in the night you wake him up or some babies take milk even in there sleep so try doing it now that baby is on solid food hest feel less hungry St night.nothig to worry.
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Question: Baby boy 4months old. Used to have a continuous sleep after 3rd month in night for a stretch of 4 to 5 hrs. Now he gets up for ever 2hrs for feed. Any particular reason
Answer: Hello! Babies go through a major growth spurt during this age . Due to this reason there is fall in appetite and sleep. But this is a phase that will pass over. Don't worry. Take care
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