40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: By sunday i complete 40weeks. On monday doctor said gel will be applied and will wait till evening. Since baby isn't fixed yet doctor said if labour doesn't start with gel application will do cesarean in the evening. What is the procedure for application of gel and Is it safe? Did the doctor give good suggestion or is it good to wait till 42 weeks complete?

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Question: Hi, I am having gastestional diabetes Dr suggested not to wait till due date.he will apply some cervix dilation gel next week..my baby is in head down position but not yet fixed. Is normal delivery possible in this case
Answer: Hi dear, I think by cervix dialation,he meant by delivering vaginally.if your all parameters for normal delivery is normal,then you would definitely deliver normally.not to worry at all.by now your baby is full term,and your doctor must have taken a right decision considering you have diabetes.wish you all the best!
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Question: Hello.. i am 39 weeks pregnant. There is brownish discharge from morning but no contractions so far. The doctor said that the baby's head is not fixed yet and uterus isn't opened yet. Any suggestions.
Answer: Dear you are at the peek point of your delivery. Try some light exercises. Have good dite n talk to you babby frequently. Do household course. Don't worry. Hope you will have a normal delivery. Think positive..
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Question: In scanning baby is in celphalic presentation and doctor said nuchal cord the head but doctor said will wait till edd date 28sep is it will be normal delivery
Answer: There are chances that it will be a normal delivery.. Hope for the best
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