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Question: Burning feeling in vagina is it normal?

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Answer: Hello dear It is normal to feel pain and a bit heaviness in vagina. It's not just the third trimester when those aches and general feelings of heaviness may strike but u can feel it in ur entire pregnancy. Remedies for vaginal pain: 1. Rinsing the area with cool water. 2. Soaking in cool or warm baths. 3. Using topical ice packs wrapped in a towel. 4. Heating pad use, may help some women. 5. Using mild, unscented soaps and detergent.
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Question: Feeling burning sensation in vagina plz help
Answer: Hi u r suffering from infection and show it to ue doctor. home remedy follow kare.During pregnancy women body goes through intense hormonal changes. This increases blood circulation around vaginal area and triggers itching. 1) wash the affect d ara with the mix of water and apple cider vinegar.  2) have cranberry juice. It is good for vaginal infection. 3) use v wash to maintain proper pH. 4) You can either make a baking soda paste or add it to your bath water. Soak the area for 10 to 15 minutes to help relieve inflammation and itching. If you apply the paste to your bottom area, make sure to rinse with cool water. This will also help relieve itching to the abdomen as it stretches 5) eat curds.  6) always keep v area dry.
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Question: Feeling burning in the vagina is problem?
Answer: Drink plenty of water. That may be starting of urinary track infection. If pain continues consult gynaecologist and start antibiotics.
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Question: Sometimes i feel burning sensation in vagina is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear. The itching and burning brought on by a yeast infection is usually caused by an overgrowth of Candida, a fungus that naturally lives in the vagina. If the discharge is clear or white and odor-free, it's most likely caused by pregnancy hormones, and it's a sign that the vagina is healthy. There are four vaginal infections which ranges from common to more rare, can affect pregnant women. You'll have to check with your gynecologist if it's other type of infections or just due to harmonal imbalance, if the itching persists. Tips to Treat Vaginal Itching During Pregnancy: Comfortable clothing. Veginal wash Apple Cider Vinegar. Honey Drink lots of water. If these doesn't help, please consult your gynecologist. Hope this information was helpful.
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