7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Brown discharge in 7th week is any serious concern???

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Answer: Nothing to worry...this is common in first trimester.if you are having red discharge consult your doctor immediate
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Question: Is brown discharge is any serious during pregnancy 5 week
Answer: Hi dear ,it's normal in pregnancy nothing to worry if the spotting is brownish or pinkish but you should consult doc if you have bright red bleeding.hope it helps
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Question: In morning I see some brown colour discharge is this any serious concern I m worried.
Answer: Hi dear,its normal,generally it happened when old blood is not expelled through body quickly..so if u saw a brown heavy discharge..temporarily..then its not matter a concern..but if u show its coming again n again..then call a doctor..
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Question: Slight burning sensation in vagina with brown discharge in the 7th week of pregnancy. Any cause for concern ?
Answer: Yes it is cause of concern. May be fetus separated from placenta or any other issue. Go to your tommorw. All the best
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