21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Both uterine artery shows increased resistance meaning enti andi

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Answer: Hi dear! Both the arteries with increased resistance means that the baby can get less blood supply dear. S you will have to check for the feta heart rate and the growth of the baby.if both of them are fine then there is not a problem . Also you will have to check for your bp as well. Keep a check on the bp and also visit your doctor for the heart rate and the baby's growth you might need a scan done . Don't worry dear. Take care dear.
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Question: increased resistance in left uterine artery with persistent diastolic notch meaning
Answer: When there is a diastolic notch in the uterine artery this means that there is not proper flow to your baby. This can be because of high blood pressure. And it can mean that your baby will poorly develop. Like forcibly low in weight. This has to be followed up in the future scans
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Question: Uterine artery shows high resistance flow. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi, it needs to see in details. However it might indicate, pre-eclampsia or iugr case. But please do not take stress about this.
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Question: single live intra uterine foetus with cephalic presentation with foetal maturity 18 weeks 5 days with increased resistance right uterine artery and borderline increased resistance left uterine artery with single uterine artery anybody knows what does it means ?
Answer: Hello dear this is a report its better to consult with doctor dear.
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