11 months old baby

Question: Bonisan is safe

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Question: To my baby boy Woodwards is better or Himalaya Bonisan is Better
Answer: Avoid giving it dear. I am habitual of checking ingredients of the products before giving to baby. When I saw the ingredients ,I got shocked seeing so many added items. Which surely not good for baby so better avoid giving it to ur baby and always confirm from Doctor before giving any thing like dis to ur baby at this age. Bonnisan is better, but you need to ask your doctor before giving. Take care.
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Question: Plz guide me is gripe water is beneficial for a child ? I am using bonisan to make my child a bonyy and healthy .which one is best gripe water or bonisan
Answer: Hi,gripe water is tested as even I had used it for my child so I found it much better.the other one is a Himalayan medicine so I would rather suggest to go in for gripe water as it is the safest Take care
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Question: Any daily digestive medicine for infants? Is it safe to give himalaya bonisan on daily basis?
Answer: Yes it is good. But if your baby does not show any signs of improvement then you must start neopeptine 1 ml drops daily to improve digestion and prevnt gas
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