5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Big belly in 1st trimeater

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Answer: usually no belly will be seen in the first trimister. it will be seen from 5th month
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Question: Does low lying placenta in 1st trimeater re position itself as pregnancy progresses?
Answer: It may may as pregnancy progress
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Question: I am 12week pregnant..this is my 1st pregnancy.why my belly looks so big this much earlier??😎
Answer: dnt worry dear.. it's very normal.. size of baby bump differs from person to person... some women gets it at the early phase of their pregnancy and some later.. you just concentrate on the healthy eating.. exercise like walking.. swimming.. stay away with stress.. take proper rest ..
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Question: Why is my belly appearing so big in 2 months
Answer: Hi dear, If it is your first pregnancy then it could be due to heavy bloating.i had the similar thing in first trimester.it used to grow huge in evenings.but in mornings it used to be comparatively ok.so I believe in your case too it is more of bloating.
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