23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Bevon capsule is it safe during 2nd trimestar..

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Question: Is it safe to eat honey during 2nd month pregnancy???
Answer: Actually you should avoid food that increases body heat in your daily diet specially in first 3 months. If you are eating small amount of a honey sometime that is fine.
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Question: Is it safe eating mangos during pregnancy.?
Answer: Hi Mangoes, raw or ripe can be consumed during pregnancy and are safe.ripen mangoes stimulate appetite and help in digestion and can help improve complexion.raw mangoes contain vitamins that fight acidity and morning sickness making it completely safe for consumption during pregnancy.but better to have in moderate consumption.take care
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Question: Is it safe to take covid vaccination during breast feeding
Answer: Actually no proper data available about the side effects of this vaccination on pregnant women and breastfeeding mum. That's why better to avoid it or confirm from your doctor before taking vaccine for covid.
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