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Question: Best food for Mother after delivery..

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Answer: Post delivery eating home cooked food is absolutely necessary... outside food must be avoided so as to prevent yourself from developing indigestion...also avoid spicy and gassy foods for the first 6 months dear....and include plenty of vegetables and fruits to your diet to help boost your immunity... however avoid citrus fruits as they can cause acidity in your baby dear....also include almonds, oats, palak, dill leaves and lauki to your daily diet as these foods help improve your breast milk supply...
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Question: After delivery, what's the best food a mother should have, ??
Answer: Hello The diet of a mother is to be planned with utmost care. The baby receives all the nutrients from mother’s milk. A new mother must eat a nutritionally adequate diet and at the same time she must eat light meals so that she can digest the food easily. If she becomes constipated, she would have to apply a lot of effort during bowel movement and this would put pressure on the incisions. She must take small frequent meals as she needs to feed the baby after every two hours. Ghee Ghee Not only does it help to gain strength, it provides nutrition to the baby and also eases bowel movement. Panjiri, a preparation made with ghee, wheat flour and sugar is also given to the mother as it is highly nutritious and aids in lactation. It also helps to replenish the nutrients of the mother. Aniseeds Aniseeds are very beneficial for the mother and the baby. You can prepare a parantha with aniseed since it aids in digestion and helps to cleanse the uterus. You can boil some water with aniseeds and drink it whenever thirsty. In fact, In some families the mother is also made to take bath with water boiled with aniseeds to clean her body. Fenugreek Fenugreek is given in the form of ladoos. Fenugreek is very high in proteins and thus aids in  baby’s growth. Gondh Ladoos are also very commonly given in India since they help to speed up the process of recovery. Besan ladoos, date ladoos and til ladoos are also eaten very commonly since they contain lots of vitamins and proteins and help to reduce backaches. Liquids She must drink lots of liquids, especially water since it helps to hydrate the body and also facilitates milk formation. The mother may also take coconut water, vegetable soups and hot milk. Vegetables A mother must eat lots of green vegetables since they contain all the nutrients which are essential for the growth and development of the baby. Khichadi Khichadi with vegetables is given in the first few days since it contains all the required nutrients and it is very easy to digest as it is in semi-solid form. Cumin seeds and fennel seed These seeds are of much help to the new mother. Cumin water can be taken once or twice a day since it helps to fight infections and keeps the stomach healthy. Fennel seeds can be eaten in small quantity after a meal as they aid in digestion, boost the immunity and facilitate milk production.
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Question: After baby birth which type of food best for the mother
Answer: Hello dear.. During post partum and lactation period,your body needs lot of energy to fulfill baby's need,and it is essential to have a nutrious diet,so that you can have healthy body after delivery Include whole grain ,they are rich in dietary fibre and vitamin b complex,helps in preventing fat deposit,such as brown rice and bread in your diet,which is rich in corbohydrates produces lot of energy and also increase your milk production,can include oats too they help in healthy digestive system Add more fruits and veggies in your diet ,can have lot of salads,soups,sabji,so that it makes you feel energetic and also include more green leafy vegetables will provide lot of iron needed for your body and also prevents constipation,avoid potato,raw banana will increase gas related issues during breast-feeding Milk is rich source of calcium,needed during this phase,so atleast drink two glasses of milk daily. It is essential to drink two to three litres of water,will help to flush out all toxin and also stay away from dehydration You can go for healthy snack option like dryfruits,nuts,riceflakes will also help in milk production,and you can also add spices like cumin,fenugreek ,garlic in your diet will boost your milk supply,and it also provides good digestion Include lean chicken and lamb (mutton) in your diet will helps in healing the body and also provide more energy needed ,it helps in weight gain of baby too Avoid oil,spicy ,packed foods, opt for healthy home made foods. Make a habit of eating 5-6 small meals, don't Starve yourself dear, because this help in reducing gastric issues and it also prevents getting tired and exhausted during this phase Apart from diet,rest is also essential during postpartum period, because in these days,you may not get enough sleep,so sleep when your baby sleeps, don't get stressed ,be relax and calm,will help you lot , follow these steps it might be helpful for you.. Thank you
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Question: Which oil is best for massage after delivery for baby and mother ?????
Answer: Musturd, coconut, olive oil... u can use them alone or u can mix it aswell.
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