8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Below are some of the food content which some people strongly deny to use. Doctor please explain which one is safe to eat . Pomogranade Pinepple Coconut Water Banana Jamun Orange

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Answer: Avoid pineapple and pappaya . Others are suggested during pregnancy. Pomegranate increases blood. Banana rich in multivitamins and helps frm conatipation. Orange is rich in vitamins. I dont knw abt jamun.
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Question: Is it good to eat banana and drink coconut water in t weeks of pregnancy. As some people says that eating banana or drinking coconut water can cause miscarriage. I don't think its right,what do you suggest???
Answer: Hi! Unfortunately its untrue. You can have banana in pregnancy, there is absolutely no harm it. Banana promotes colon health, It treats anemia, leg cramps and also helps in reducing swelling. Banana is rich in vitamin B6 and Folic acid. Banana helps in digestion and and reduces constipation. It is rich in calcium, protein, energy and carbohydrate. In a word its a wonderful food you can have as small snacks. You can have a whole banana/ Smoothie/ Banana Pan cake many ways to have it. Coconut water is excellent in pregnancy; It keeps you hydrated. It helps in preventing nausea or morning sickness. It has electrolyte and many minerals which is healthy fr you and baby. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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Question: Is it safe giving turmeric and coconut oil to newborn babies?what are the benefits of that?some people said it is good for babies?
Answer: Hi dear. your baby is just one month you are not supposed to give anything to your baby other than breast milk . your baby's digestive system is too delicate to digest anything other than milk so please don't listen to people and just keep giving breast milk to your baby . you should not even give water to your baby until your baby will Turn 6 month so please don't give any turmeric oil to your baby .
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Question: doctor suggested to drink coconut water every day.... what are the benefits of the same.
Answer: Coconut water is good during pregnancy both for the health of the mother and the child due to its super rich nutritious contents It contains moderate amount of sugar, protein, and sodium thus helps in maintaining the daily levels of Fluids and electrolytes required by the body. Its said that coconut water improves the function of the kidney, prevents urinary tract infections as well as helps in lowering high blood pressure levels. As it is low in calories and contains dietary fibres, healthy omega fatty acids it helps to keep the weight in check. It helps in improving the process of digestion, strengthens the digestive system, prevents constipation, maintains and regulates the ph. Levels of the body. This, in turn, improves the metabolism and detoxifies the body. As a natural acid neutralizer, coconut water also soothes and prevents heartburn during pregnancy. Improves immunity. When it comes to morning sickness coconut water is elixir.Have it first thing in the morning. Always consume the water immediately after coconut is cut as it's fresh and rich in nutrients. Storing coconut water inhibits it's benefits. Coconut water shouldn't be used as alternative to water, as excess of anything is never good. No matter how rich in nutrients coconut water is it can't influence your baby’s skin colour.
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