24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Before pregnancy my weight was 60 kg and now it is 70 kg. However my 16th week is running. I am really worried about my body weight. Please give suggestion

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Answer: Reduce refined cereals like maida and rice. restrict your sugar intake to 1-2 tsp per day. Avoid fried and junk foods. Have 2-3 fruits a day. Drink 2-3 litres of water daily. Walk regularly for 20-30 minutes or as prescribed by the doctor.
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    Gowshi Sr963 days ago

    Should walk more than 20 Min morning and night bfre yu sleep. Don't eat rice and maida. Drink plenty of water. Do sum exercise twice a day. Eat more fruits.

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Question: My weight was 60 kg before pregnancy and now in 18 week it is 62kg. Is it normal???
Answer: If your bmi was normal before pregnancy( between 18.5-24): U may gain a total of 10-15 kgs.If your BMI was high(above 24):u may gain around 7 kgs max .If our bmi was low or you have a twin pregnancy you should gain a total of 15-20 kgs .eat healthy and stay fit !
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Question: Hello..I am 33 weeks pregnant. Before pregnancy my weight was 56 kg and now it is 67 kg. Is it normal? Please give suggestion.
Answer: It's very good weight gain not over or under normal range. You may gain max 2-3kg more till delivery time.
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Question: Hii..dr i am 32 weeks pregnant before pregnancy my weight was 60 now my weight is 70,shall i know what is my baby weight
Answer: Weight of the baby will be calculated during scanning
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