17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Bannana flower eat is that safe during pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi dear...it is safe..eat well dear
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Question: Can we eat banana flower during pregnancy?
Answer: hi yes you can eat banana flower during pregnancy it is very healthy it gives instant energy and helps to increase weight
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Question: is having banana flower in lunch during pregnancy is safe ?
Answer: hi..yes its safe... Banana stem is high in fiber and it prevents constipation during pregnancy. This homemade banana flower pancakes is a delicious way to consume banana flower during pregnancy. To make the dosai or adai or Indian pancakes soak 1cup rice along with 1/4 cup toor dhal, 2 tbsp urad dhal, 1 tbsp moong dhal and 1tbsp channa dhal in water overnight. The next day morning first grind 2 red chillies, a small piece of asafoetida, little bit of coconut and a tsp of cumin seeds finely and then add the soaked dhal and grind to a coarse paste along with required salt. Fry the cleaned and cut banana flower in little bit of oil and add to the batter and make dosais. These pancakes are very filling, high in fiber and will greatly prevent pregnancy constipation. If this recipe seems too laborious, take the fried banana stem flower and add to the regular dosai batter along with little fried onions, g.chilli and coriander leaves and make thick dosais. Banana flower if fried with spice powders like turmeric powder, coriander, cumin, garam masala powders along with onions and tomatoes can be used as a filling for anything. If you are not used to eating dosai and adais try using banana flower mixture that I mentioned above as a filling for sandwiches, tortillas, flat breads, etc along with other spices that you use regularly for the filling like mayo, mustard, etc.
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Question: Is it safe to eat banana flower during 19th week ok preganancy??
Answer: Hello dear, It's extremely important that the mother receives proper nutrition. To combat a lack of vitamins, you can eat banana flower. No problem.
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