13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby weight

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Answer: Dear at 13 weeks baby weight should be 23g...
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    sindhu tatvika733 days ago

    How many weeks in my baby

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Question: How to increase baby weight ....my baby is under weight
Answer: Hi dear,i know your concern as if the little one is not gaining weight it makes us worried. But if baby is active and achieving all the milestones then you should not get worried at all. There are several simple things that have been proven to help with weight gain you can give it a try : Learn baby massage — this has been proven to improve digestion and weight gain.Carry baby throughout the day in a baby carrier; get as much skin to skin contact as you can. Both of these things have been shown to improve weight gain. Nurse often – at least every 2 hours during the day and at least once at night. Frequent nursing increases baby’s milk intake. Use breast massage and breast compression during breastfeeding.Pump or hand express for a couple of minutes before nursing. This will remove some of the foremilk so that your baby receives more of the richer, higher calorie hindmilk.
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Question: My baby weight 2.2 how to gain baby weight
Answer: Hello dear... To increase body weight, follow these steps, it might be helpful for you.. Eat frequently,is the secret trick to gain weight during pregnancy,you can have small meals throughout the day,will give you healthy weight gain Start your day having a handful of soaked dry fruits,it is very essential for your babies development and it helps to gain weight fast During pregnancy,you should not skip meals,this will lead to nutritional deficiencies.. Have almond milk,daily evening,it is very good for you to gain weight during pregnancy Have banana after dinner everyday,it not only helps in weight gain but also gives good colon health Have warm milk before bed ,it will promote you good sleep,and gains weight too.. ‌
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Question: 35week pregnant baby weight 1900 normal weight
Answer: Hi as the weight ranges between 2.1 to 2.4 kg and height ranges between 45 to 46 cm. So maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated as this will baby in growth and development take care
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