1 months old baby

Question: Baby weight

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Answer: Hello! Request you to please post your complete query so that we can try to help you. Take care
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Question: My baby weight 2.2 how to gain baby weight
Answer: Hello dear... To increase body weight, follow these steps, it might be helpful for you.. Eat frequently,is the secret trick to gain weight during pregnancy,you can have small meals throughout the day,will give you healthy weight gain Start your day having a handful of soaked dry fruits,it is very essential for your babies development and it helps to gain weight fast During pregnancy,you should not skip meals,this will lead to nutritional deficiencies.. Have almond milk,daily evening,it is very good for you to gain weight during pregnancy Have banana after dinner everyday,it not only helps in weight gain but also gives good colon health Have warm milk before bed ,it will promote you good sleep,and gains weight too.. ‌
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Question: My baby weight is under weight..wat food ll increase my baby weight
Answer: Eat a balanced and nutrition rich healthy diet to gain optimum weight for your pregnancy stageTake your prenatal vitamins regularly. They compensate for any gaps in your nutrition in take Include dry fruits and nuts in your diet considering which trimester you are in. A handful of them should be enough for a day Ensure you get enough rest and get good sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, consider having chamomile tea or read your favorite book Stay relaxed and positive at all times. Keep your anxieties to the minimum Keep yourself well hydrated with water and fresh juices. Caffeinated drinks do not count
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Question: Baby weight 3165+/-460 means how much the baby weight
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby weight is around 3165 grams or 3.1 kgs.+/- 460 grams is rough estimate.as the exact weight of baby cannot be determined,so it could be around 460 grams less or more.
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