33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby weighs 1.9 at 32 weeks... Doc says low baby weight... How to increases baby weight?

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Answer: hello dear you are 32 weeks pregnant in 32 w eeks babies height should be 16.69 inches nd weight should be 1702 grams.ur babirs weight s 1.9 kg its completely normal nothing to worry abht .
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Question: Baby weight 1.9 at 32 weeks. .doc said baby is low weight... How to increase baby weight
Answer: you should have a high protein rich diet you could have protein supplements have purchase a chicken and egg in your diet you should have they have more of milk and Milk products have ghee because this also help to increase weight help more or take more of food which is rich in carbs which is also help to put on weight of the baby and you should have at least 3 to 4 servings of fruit and lots of green vegetables which were also I help you should also the Iron and Calcium supplements as required in consultation with your doctor
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Question: Hello mam Am 32 weeks pregnant How to get my baby weight increases by eating what type of foods
Answer: Include protein rich food in your diet....like dal,milk,paneer,yogurt,protein powder(i m having mama protinex),peanuts,makhane,soya chunks,rajma. These all helped me lot in increasing baby weight.
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Question: How much shld be Baby weight at 32 weeks
Answer: Hi, dera in 32 week of pregnancy weight of baby should be 1.6kg.
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