2 months old baby

Question: Baby potty cha smell yeto

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Answer: Hello! There is no problem if the baby potty smells. It is fine as long as there are no other problem. Take care
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Question: Baby chya potty cha smell ka yeto
Answer: Dear gas in baby's tummy can cause smell in poty. So dont worry just feed baby frequently and also apply some hing mixed with water on baby's tummy. It will give relief to baby..
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Question: Foul smell coming from my daughter potty...why so?
Answer: Hi as the smell of potty depends upon the mother diet and foods baby have. And also during teething phase the smell changes. Maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and feed baby and also give baby plenty of fluids which helps. Take care
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Question: Very bad smell in baby mouth...smell like potty...what is reason.
Answer: hi dear this is because when you don't care your baby's mouth properly this happen so please wash babies mouth every morning you should wipe the tongue with warm cloth whenever you give bath to your baby. this will reduce the smell
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