36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby movements slows down in 9th month of pregnancy?

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Answer: Consult with your gynoe dear
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Question: How to cure acidity in 9th month of pregnancy??
Answer: Hello dear... There is nothing to worry.. This is quiet common during pregnancy. Try to boil one inch of ginger in a glass of water for 10 mins, then cool strain and have it with honey.. Or simply take sips of the strained ginger water throughout the day... Also keep drinking plenty of water... This will definitely help.
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Question: No. Of movements in 9th month ? And how to Increase them ifn case not feeling
Answer: Hi dear When baby grow uterus also grow nd baby gets enough space to move .dear after 32 weeks mumma should feel 10 movements per day .dear count ur babies movement if ur babies movement r 10.nothing to worry abht if movements r less than 10 consult to ur gyno .
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Question: Details about baby movements in this time of pregnancy
Answer: Dear as you are in your 9 week of pregnancy so baby don't move at this time.. baby is still developing and growing so don't worry please .
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