7 months old baby

Question: Baby ko water kaisa dena hai... Warm yaa normal

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Answer: Aap normal temperature ka paani de do baby ko warm ki jaroorat ni hai
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Question: Kya gripe water baby ko dena sahi hai?
Answer: Ghutti and gripe water are not advisable by the doctors. according them---  they make baby cranky spoil the digestion system. sometimes they may be cause of allergy. they have contain sugar in big amount which can increase the risk of tooth decay.  gripe water and ghutti may affect baby's feeding habit. some gripe water contains alcohol and artificial flavors which are very harmful for babies.  they also contains baking soda. baking soda should not given to colicky. 
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Question: Three month ke baby ko coconut water dena safe hai ?
Answer: Hi No do not give baby under 6 months with Coconut water or plain water too..Giving water may also cause the baby to drink less breastmilk or to stop breastfeeding early and therefore cause malnutrition. If mothers give water instead of breastfeeding it will also cause the mother to have less milk in the future. Babies do not need water before they are 6 months old, even in a hot climate.
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Question: Meri baby ko bonnison du yaa gripe water
Answer: Hllo dear u can give bonnison its safe but dont give gripe water .dear in gripe water has more than 3% alcohol, lots of processed sugar and soda bicarbonate.They usually go to sleep or stop crying because od of the effect of the alcohol which makes them dizzy.
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