35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby is not moving that much as before y is that happening

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Answer: Baby jaise jaise bada hota jata h movement k liye space kam hota jata h. Din bhar me agar 10 times movement h to darne ki koi bat nahi h.
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    Jayanti Naicker643 days ago

    Thank you

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    Amreen Imroz khan642 days ago

    You are most welcome.

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Question: I am 39 week pregnant, my baby is moving but It's not that strong as before, is it normal
Answer: As the baby grow you may feel less movements due to less space available in the womb for the baby to make a move. But keep on monitoring fetal movements regularly Check your baby movements by following these simple tips Lie down,have a snack Change position like sitting sleeping standing Have a cold fluid,give a sudden jerky movement Poke the baby,rub your tummy Listen to good music,give a gentle massage to your stomach Talk to your baby,hope this information may be useful to you ☺️
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Question: My baby is not moving as much as it was moving a week before
Answer: At this stage of pregnancy a baby is just barely large enough to press against the outer abdominal wall, which is how you feel the kicks. It's possible that your baby just has enough room to move around still, so you're not feeling the movements as much.  If you are really concerned, I would contact your doctor and ask about it. They can bring you in for a quick viability check by listening with a doppler for the baby's heartbeat.
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Question: Wat to do when baby is not moving as much as usal ?
Answer: Drink warm milk & conversate with ur baby... give mild touch ur belly and call & talk... its my experience
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