7 months old baby

Question: Baby is going motion 4-5 times a day after having meal or milk.. What could be the reason

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Answer: He is on teething!! U can give him ORS in water.. 2 3 times
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Question: My baby poops 3-4 times a day. What could be the reason?
Answer: It is normal as baby having more solid food now. If it is watery, loose motion type then only u ve to worry.
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Question: My daughter poops 6-7 times a day since past 10-12 days. After every meal she immediately poops , what could be the reason? Is it normal?
Answer: Hi,Dear Babies have this amazing immune system which makes them release all the virus or infection through potty. Thus if it is not accompanied by fever then it's fine. Also if your instincts are worrying you do visit the pediatrician take care
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Question: My baby is pooping 4 to 5 times a day.. what could be the reason.. is there any problem or should i consult to the doctor..
Answer: No problem its normal....even if baby does 6 times its considered normal .....Do make sure that they are not loose
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