28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby head will be down or up

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Answer: After having scan your doctor can say this
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Question: Will the delivery be normal if baby has its legs down and head up
Answer: It seems you are referring to breech position.Well certain breech presentation can be delivered normally but others need to be done by cesarean only.Your doctor based on the recent scan will be in a better position to tell if normal delivery will be possible or not.
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Question: My baby is head up n leg down it will be normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear. There is still enough time left in delivery so don't worry baby can change position anytime. Some babies take their cephalic position just few hours prior to delivery so don't worry and keep your body active.
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Question: when the position of baby will start turn to be head down and legs up
Answer: In nine months will start to turn the head down to take position to get normal delivery
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