35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby drop ayyindhi ani ela telusthundhi...

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Question: Im 24week pregnent .baby movement continue ga untaya e time lo.ela untundi e time lo movement naku first pregnancy anduke sariga teliyadam ledu kick ela untadi ani
Answer: Kontamandiki very light ga untay manaki Sariga ardam kuda kadu 6th month lo atuvanti vallaki 7th month lo baga ardam avtai kani kontamandiki 6th month lone heavy ga movements untay. Naku telisi anduke meku movements ardam kavatla okasari baga gamaninchandi meru Oka fish pond lo tirigite ela untundo ala emanna undemo chudandi Avi kuda movements a so concentrate more so u can feel baby's movements Nd can enjoy it
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Question: 5th month lo baby movements ela vundalo
Answer: pls dear ask you question either in English or hindi. baby movement is generally felt by 25 weeks if you are first time mother. its completely normal not to feel any movement sometime. try eating something sweet or lie down on your left side . you will start feeling it. restrictive movements may be noticed in the third trimester due to the growing baby size and therefore no place to move in the uterus.But if you feel a sudden change in pattern/sudden decrease/absence or increase in fetal movement,you should visit your doctor to confirm the health of your baby!
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Question: Baby gender telusukovadam ela pls reply
Answer: Hi.. Nobody can tell you precisely, however, it is a mid wife myth that if the heat beat rates above 140 beats per minute, it is said, typical for girls. If it is below than that, it will be a boy.
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