8 months old baby

Question: Baby drinking hot water because baby drinks normal water its no problem

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Answer: Hi dear plz clear what u want to ask.
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Question: Its good to give hot drinking water or normal water for 9 month old baby some not allowing to give hot water
Answer: Hi dear You can give normal room temperature water as thats what is safe too. Babies are too clumsy and they might drop the hot water on themselves too. So best is room temperature. Neither too cold nor hot Hope this helps!
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Question: Can drinking normal hot water safe?
Answer: hi dear , drinking of warm water is good for health , your skin and body.Warm water can not only refresh the normal functioning of the body but can also make you look good and fresh.It allows for better hydration for mothers
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Question: Can I take hot water instead of cold water..... Because by drinking water also I'm getting vomiting.....
Answer: Sure.. you can drink warm water instead of cold water.. drink plenty of water it wil helps the growth of the baby . Always be hydrated so at this time you wont have any uti infection.
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