10 months old baby

Question: Baby drank soap water while bathing

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Answer: Dear pls be careful while having bath to baby. Don't make it repeat for next time. Because water can cause infection to baby.
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Question: My 4 months old baby drank soap water while giving bath.. what to do
Answer: Hello! Please don't worry, just make sure that next time you be little cautious. Also make sure you breastfeed the baby more to just be little more careful. Take care
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Question: While bathing my son drank tank water is there any problem already he is suffering with cold n cough
Answer: hi dear don't worry and don't panic that don't cause any problem to your child because it is a bore water . we usually give few drops of water while we bath ourre babies because this will soothe their dry throat and also they get some sources of nutrient . so sont panic you can give tulsi water for cold and this cure the infection. Feed him regularly that will also hell to cure from cold soon.
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Question: My baby drank water while bathing..since tyen c s crying..suggest me wat to do
Answer: Hi,your baby is crying because he has got scared and I don't think k there should be any other reason it could be the water has caused stomach pain to your baby You should inform your Dr about this But be more careful in future so that this does not reoeay
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