2 years old baby

Question: Babby says all the words but cannot speak sentence how to make him speak

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Answer: He will learn his own as slowly slowly how he learns word he will learn. To build sentence also
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Question: my baby doesnt speak sentence he speak only one /two words so suggested me what csn i do for him
Answer: Hi dear. as your baby has started speaking 1-2 words this give me a clear idea that your baby does not have any kind of problem in speaking.your baby is just taking more time all you have to do is interact more with your baby the more you will speak with you baby the more your baby will start learning other words to speak. Let your baby interact with other kids to kids learn more in the company of other babies. You get a some good story books and read it to you baby. in morning you choose a word that you want you baby to speak and keep repeating this word with you baby whole day until you baby learn to speak that word. The main key is to interact and talk more with your baby, your increased interaction with your baby will automatically result in speaking of you baby. Take care
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Question: My 16 months son doesn't speak much. What shall I do to make him speak words?
Answer: Hi dear, baby is too small to start talking in sentence now if baby is uttering some noise or blabbing then it's all fine. Don't worry
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Question: My baby is not speaking words he just bables, how to make him speak?
Answer: Hello dear, Rushing the kids will not work as the more u force ur baby the more they will hesitate due to the pressure. Children start talking or rather mouthing words by 14 to 18 months. Try playing rhyms with animal sounds, so they can start mouthing the words or animal sounds. start by encouraging them, try dancing with rhyme and say the rhymes. the kids are very fast with imitating, so they will soon start imitating u. Once he starts telling the sounds , start with Johnny johnny or incy Vinci spider. So he can start with this again.
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