4 years old baby

Question: Ay remidies to get rid of head lice?

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Question: How to get rid of head lice in kids
Answer: Hello dear Home remedies for lices: 1. Warm up the coconut oil and apply it generously on the scalp. 2. Massage for a few minutes and cover with a shower cap.Leave it on for two hours. Then, comb thoroughly with the comb to remove dead lice and eggs. 3. Shampoo the hair 4. Once the hair is dry, apply warm coconut oil again, cover with a fresh shower cap, and leave it on overnight. 5. Comb your hair in the morning to remove all the dead lice and eggs. Rinse your hair. It will help u in clearing all the lices. Apply coconut oil once or twice a week.
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Question: How to get rid of lice in babies head.
Answer: Hi dear mix camphor and coconut oil and then apply it to ur baby head. Leave it overnight and then next day comb with baby comb. And then wash with s shampoo.
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Question: How to get rid of head lice in pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear you can use mediker shampoo to remove lices from your hair or you can also oil your hair and comb with lice comb it's also very beneficial in removing lice other than this you can apply onion Juice on scalp and massage your head well this is very good method to remove lice.
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