34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At the end of the 8th month placenta posterior 2.5 cm above the os.is it ok?

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Answer: Ok. But u should take rest
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Question: Am the end of 6 month.24week scan showed baby is transverse lie and placenta is anterior placenta low lying and 33mm above the os.is it creates any complications in my delivery
Answer: Hi dear. Transverse lie means horizontal position. The baby is lying on sideways across the tummy. Anterior placenta is nothing but the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus. It won't create any issue. But its a little hard to feel the baby movements with an anterior placenta. Os is your cervix. When the placenta is completely covering the cervix, its difficult for normal delivery. For you, the placenta is 33 mm above the cervix. Don't worry. The baby and the placenta may move on their own in upcoming weeks.
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Question: Placenta posterior 2.5 cm above the os.will it be ok at the time of delivery? Is it ok for a normal delivery?
Answer: Hello!! It is a low lying placenta. This is a complication during pregnancy where the placenta moves down blocking the path of the baby to move. It will get better by the time of delivery or not is difficult to say but if the placenta remains in the same position, you will have to go for a C-section. Also currently it is better that you be in complete Bed rest and avoid too much of activity. Take care
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Question: My placenta posterior 2.5 cm above the os.is it possible to move 2 cm upwards at the end of the delivery time?what is the normal distance from the os?
Answer: Kam se kam normsl diliwary ke liye 10 ungal khoolna
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