6 months old baby

Question: At starting month which solid i can give my baby? What will be the texture?

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Question: Can i give cows milk for my 6 month old baby. What are the other i can give him...please help tomarrow i am starting solid foods
Answer: Hi..cows milk should be given be given after 12 months..plz dont give now...apart from breastmilk or formula..u can start with apple puree banana puree carrot puree rice celerac wheat celerac rava ki kheer etc
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Question: My baby had diaper rash at the starting of his thigh..which cream will be usefull
Answer: Hello dear,  To treat diaper rash, it’s important to change your baby's diapers frequently to reduce moisture on the skin. I use Himalaya diaper rash cream for my baby, you can try. Air out the skin by letting your baby spend a little time each day without a diaper. Clean your baby's bottom thoroughly after each bowel movement and allow the area to dry, being careful not to rub the skin too much or too harshly.Coat your baby's bottom with diaper rash cream. When putting on a fresh diaper, secure it comfortably, not too tight and not too loose, allowing some air to circulate. If your child is taking antibiotics or has diarrhea, keep a close watch on the diaper area and change diapers more frequently.
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Question: Hi. My baby is starting her 6 month can I give semi solid food. What are the foods can be given to the lil baby. Pls help me
Answer: You can give any fruit and vegetable purees once a day,preferable in the first half of the day(morning or afternoon)-apple, pear,banana,avocado,peach,potato,carrot,sweetpotato,pumpkin,peas.try each ingredient for 2 days to check for allergies or any reactions
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