1 months old baby

Question: At one time we should feed the baby from both sides for 25 minutes each my daughter sucks very long but bm is less

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Answer: No u should not feed on both sides when you feed ... for every 2 to 3 hours you must feed your baby only on one side at a time .either the left or right alternatively ... for example if you feed your baby by 10 o'clock on your left side then you must feed your baby on your right side by 12 o'clock .. feeding on both sides simultaneously is not good.. your milk will be initially thin which is fore milk , and wen your baby continues to suck on the same side she will be able to drink the hindmilk which is very helpful in weight gain for your baby .. don't feed on to breast in one single feed .. feed only on one side for every feed.. and on the other alternative side for the subsequent feeding .. hope this helps
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Question: Is it important to feed breastfeed the baby both sides at the same time???pls suggest.
Answer: Hi. No its not important. Acty breast is filled which two type of milk fore milk and hind milk, and baby needs both the milk on ratio of 1:3. Hind milk comes after fore milk which contains fat and other vitamins. So first you need to empty your one breast and if baby is still hungry feed him from next breast.
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Question: Is it necessary to feed by both breasts at each time?how long will feed bye each side
Answer: Yes.. try 10 to 15 min each side.. cz if u will feed only from one side.. other breast will be full ar ganth bnne k chances ho skte h it will start paining for u
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Question: For how long I should feed baby each time
Answer: Time depends on child how long he wants to feed. U try to feed him in every 1 and half or 2 hours.
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