26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: At 22 weeks cervical length 3.4 is normal??

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Answer: Hello! It is almost normal. I don't think it will be a problem. But again it might differ from doctor to doctor. Some doctors consider 3.5 as normal and some 4 as normal. It is better that you once consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: Cervical length 2.7cm at 22 weeks
Answer: You have not mentioned what was your cervical length in the past scans Please take rest avoid excessive bending avoid lifting heavy objects continue taking your medicines So you need to be monitored frequently for the length of the cervix that is uterus opening. If there is progressive shortening you may require treatment. If the cervical length remain same, then no worries.and if you notice abdominal cramps please consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Cervical length is 3.4 in 35weeks whether normal delivery possible??
Answer: Hi Cervix length means which connects the uterus and vagina..Normal cervical length during pregnancy in the 24th week is about 3.5-5 cm, whereas the cervical length at 28 weeks is approximately 3.5 to 4 cm, and the cervical length at 32 weeks is between 3-3.5 cm. Cervical length lower than 2.5 cm is considered short, while cervical length below 2 cm increases the preterm birth.its normal for you dont worry
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Question: Cervical length of 3.4..is it ok?
Answer: Hello dear No, there is no problem if ur cervix length is 3.4 cm. 3 cm and above is ok. Doctor's don't worry much for 3 cm also. Just try having rest as much as possible.Rest is only solution to avoid any complication due to cervix length.
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