37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As per LMP, the EDD is 27-march. Recently i had a sacn in 35th week. It says my EDD is 21-april. The weight of baby is 2.4kg. I am shocked to see almost a month difference in EDD although the growth of baby is fine. Which one is accurate now? What to be considered now as my correct EDD.

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Answer: Its Impossible.. I guess it was a typo error instead of march they would have given April.. please check with your doctor
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Question: My baby has two rounds of umbilical cord around its neck.. I am really worried now.... My EDD is 14 april
Answer: Well actually it is not that dangerous as it seems..yes inn certain situation it can get risky..but idea the cord is loose, which your doctor can monitor ,no need to worry..my baby had single loop around the neck and my friend had two loops..we both have delivered normally too..so don't panic,am sure your doctor would monitor...
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Question: Hello Every One As Per My Edd is 30th april.But When i am 32weeks pregnent I have done Scan And it shows 334weeks pregnant And Edd Was 16th april plzz tell me Which one Is Correct EDD..?
Answer: There is slight difference between the actual edd and ultrasound scan edd sometimes ..u should consider your edd as per your lmp only
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Question: 35th day i confirm my pregnancy... Almost i enter in to 3rd month.. Still now i have no symptoms no vomit and no morning sickness i feeling very normal is it okay
Answer: It's absolutely fine that not to feel any symptoms of pregnancy. Enjoy this time, it could change at any minute, in some people there will be symptoms, in some no symptoms at all, Take care.
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