37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As per LMP, the EDD is 27-march. Recently i had a sacn in 35th week. It says my EDD is 21-april. The weight of baby is 2.4kg. I am shocked to see almost a month difference in EDD although the growth of baby is fine. Which one is accurate now? What to be considered now as my correct EDD.

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Answer: Its Impossible.. I guess it was a typo error instead of march they would have given April.. please check with your doctor
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Question: my edd is on April 8 but when I went to scan yesterday on the scan report edd is on 23rd March,plz tell me the correct date what is the correct date of my delivery?
Answer: u can also calculate ur delivery date... when was ur last period start from that month... like during my pregnancy my last period was on 19 april like that my 9 months get over at 19 jan... like wise calculate urs and then add 7 days extra after that will be ur delivery date .. and 1 more thing even dr gave us date but the baby's birth was uncertain so after starting of 9th month just be ready.... u never know when the baby wants to come out... all the best dear...
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Question: My edd as per my lmp and usg is 10th April, and according to last ultrasound it is now showing 2nd April. So from when the labor is expected?? My doc says it will not before 28th March.
Answer: May b your baby weight is more n full terminated. So they will induce you early
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Question: My EDD is April 25, however in my scan report the EDD was given as April 15th which is the correct and actual due date ? Can I expect pain by this week???
Answer: Yes..... Can expect. . Alll the very best... My EDD was 25th.. n i got pain by 16th only ... Because my lmp was 15.. So u might get to see ur baby... Sooooon.. ,,😊
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Question: Now im in 30 week doc told she will do operation of april 2nd week and my edd is on april 27.is it gud to do operation
Answer: Hello! Yes, Hello there is no problem in getting the delivery on or after 37 weeks of pregnancy. By 37 weeks the development of the baby is complete and hence the baby is considered to be of full term. Take care
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