9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: As of now I'm taking only 'Macfolate' and 'Endogest' tablet is it OK or I need to take any other tablets

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Answer: Dear both medicine are fine and there is no need for any other medication and if there would be requirement for any other medication then your doctor will tell you about it.
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Question: Hi mam.. Endogest 200 and anergen... M taking in 13 weeks... No other tablets is it OK to tak
Answer: hi if the Dr l suggested this medications you should go ahead because doctor will only prescribe you with the safe medicine so do not worry if you are doubtful about it you can take a second opinion endogest is usually given to balance the hormones which is required in the body to support the pregnancy however do not worry
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Question: I'm not taking iron tablets as if i take, i vomit .is it ok? I'm in my 19th week
Answer: Hi dear, Iron is absorbed the best on a empty stomach,yet iron supplements can cause vomiting in some people.Try taking empty on stomach
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Question: is it okay to take folic acid tablet and macfolate plus or to take one of them in first trimester?
Answer: Hello dear. When it comes to. Medicine consult your gynae. And yes one of them has to be taken as both are for folate. Hope it helps.
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