3 months old baby

Question: Anyone using ghutti to baby?

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Answer: Dear sister, I am a bit confused about my baby is healthy to have a habit of reading ingredients of everything whatever I give to my baby once I brought it but never give it to baby because there were many ingredients which are totally not safe for baby so I avoided giving it to baby and later I seek advice of my doctor she also told me not to give it to baby so you should also avoid giving it. Tc
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Question: Did anyone using sofidew products for baby
Answer: Hi dear. I am sorry I have not used this product for my baby but you can check reviews online . You can also ask this from a chat group of healofy as there are thousands of women who participate in chat so you will get some help from there.
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Question: Anyone tell me ghutti ingredients for 2 months old baby
Answer: I will not advise u to give any time of ghutti to baby as items used to make it is not good for baby digestion. My doctor advise to avoid giving it. Giving breastmilk is enough. Do give burp after that
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Question: Does anyone started giving ghutti to 2 months baby? How can that be given pls tell.
Answer: Please avoid ghutti to the baby. Only breastmilk or formula milk should be given to the baby. Anything else should be avoided.
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