33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anyone plz tel me how to know amniotic fluid flow? How to rectific DAT is amniotic fluid or wat plz tel me

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Question: How to know amniotic fluid is leacking.?
Answer: Hi dear,for dis u can do 1 thing..actually amniotic fluid is odorless n ckrless.u should first empty ur bladder,dn use a sanitary pad n chk d fluid after 30 mins to 1 hour.if d fluid is yellowish wid a pungent smell,dn it will be urine..odrwuse it's amniotic fluid.n if this ine amniotic fluid consult with doc for next procedure.Take care.
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Question: How to know my amniotic fluid is sufficient or not
Answer: Hi Dear! You can knw abt the fluid thru your test reports only, physically its possible to understand.. Amniotic Fluid Index or AFI is considered to be normal at 8-18. Medium AFI level is approximately 14 from week 20-35. After that it keeps reducing and prepare for birth.. Good luck!
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Question: How to know amniotic fluid is leaking
Answer: When u pass urine, it comes like tender coconut without stopping, then u can understand it is amniotic fluid
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