3 months old baby

Question: Anyone pls suggest...is pacifiers are good for the babies

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Question: is pacifiers good for baby
Answer: Using of pacifier is fine..Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow while using a pacifier: 1) You should sterilize it by boiling in water for about 5 minutes. 2) It’s a good idea to have similar back up pacifiers in case they get lost or fall off on the floor or street, just when you need them. 3) Getting spares will also allow time for their cleaning which should be done by washing them with warm, soapy water. 4) It’s a good idea to discontinue their use well before the child reaches five years of age. 5) Never try to force a baby to use it. If the baby doesn’t accept it, try other ways of calming. 6) Choose a pacifier according to the age of the infant. The one-piece model with a soft nipple is the most suitable of the lot. 7) Do not tie the pacifier with a ribbon or string longer than 6 inches as this is a choking hazard.
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Question: Are biscuits good for babies
Answer: Hi! No dear biscuits are not good for babies because it's made out of maida and sugar you can offer biscuits if it's homemade or if it is made out of whole wheat, I think that you are looking for some food items to provide the baby has snacks you can definitely lean upon fruits like guava ripened papaya slice of mangoes you can also offer cheese you can also you can offer Makhana you can offer a handful of nuts to the babies as snacks they are much more nutritious and healthy option for snacks . Hope this helps!
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Question: Pls advise me which brand for diapers are good for new born babies ?
Answer: I've used Himalaya and mamy poko pants he is 33 days old.
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