38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anyone please suggest what is the best time for babies bath. I arranged a lady to bathe myself and my baby after delivery. Now she is telling that she will come before 12 o clock and will finish it. I'm worried about the timings. Please suggest.

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Answer: Its ok dear ...you can give bath to baby by 11:30. When a lady came first take you massage then bath in the mean time she will massage baby then bath by 11:30 to 11:45 this time os perfectly fine nothing to worry.
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Question: I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Though I'm hungry but I don't feel like eating anything. The food, especially solid, don't pass through my mouth to gut. I'm worried about my babies growth and also mine. Please suggest some remedies.
Answer: just avoid oily spicy and heavy meals as they can surpress your hunger and the most important avoid strong smelling food they just make you feel full even you have not eaten much and you should rely more upon fruits and liquid food. never stay hungry during pregnancy so just eat a semi solid liquid or very light food and try to eat in small portions.
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Question: Hello moniesMy baby s one and a half month old .All day she sleeps properly but suddenly at 11 o clock she gets up and starts crying nd cries till 2 o clock. And thn only she sleeps. I don't know what's the reason.. can anyone had same problem with the babies... and what can be done to stop her from crying???
Answer: I too faced same problem dear.. No reason for their cry.. As days goes on they ll change. They need to adjust..
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Question: Hi today around 10 o clock i cheked and again its shown positive so m worried about my helth because m working so traveling is safe and how to take care of myself plz suggest
Answer: Why you are worried if you are not ready for pregnancy and you have to consult a doctor
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