38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anyone knows about AC - Abdominal Circumference of baby is low in 37 w growth scan. So how to increase it?

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Answer: My baby's AC was also less at 36th week... infact it was 3 weeks behind... please take any medication that doctor had given on time..also eat protein rich diet, take healthy food, drink milk atleast twice..it should all help to some extent..
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    Bublu R411 days ago

    So is it increased for ur baby later

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Question: Im 34 weeks pregnant. In the growth scan, it was mentioned as abdominal circumference growth is 32 weeks. Does anyone knows about this
Answer: I will advise you to please check your report and see the mention of a user is there a growth restriction mentioned then you must discuss the same with your doctor because a legging in the eyes of two weeks denotes a growth restriction since you have not mentioned all other findings and what week they are indicative of then I'm assuming based upon this only one finding hence I will suggest you to take to complete reports with you and discuss the same with gynecologist if all other parameters and normal then this can be considered as normal
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Question: In 35th week scan AC abdominal circumference is 31.75 cm Is this normal
Answer: Ultrasound measurements of biparietal diameter (BPD), head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference (AC) and femur length (FL) are used to evaluate fetal growth and estimate fetal weight. Your results seems to be normal for your gestational week dear 😊 take care.
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Question: Hello, baby weight in growth scan is 1.3kg please tell me how to increase it as it is very low
Answer: Hello dear... To increase baby weight,include these foods in your diet will be helpful... whole wheat cereals fruits veggies dryfruits nuts ghee butter meat paneer milk
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