8 months old baby

Question: Any remedies for hand foot mouth disease

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Answer: It is common but take good care as it can spread.Wash baby's hand and any other affected area regularly.Ensure baby is having regular drinks/fluids to stay well hydrated. This usually resolves on its own within approx 10 days however pain killers and anti inflammatories may be administered for symptomatic relief. Consult your doctor please.
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Question: Hi my baby is 11mnths he is hving foot mouth hand disease due to which he got boils on his hand foot and inside mouth any home remedies
Answer: Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral infection.it is very courageous and very uncomfortable for kids.the incubation period of this disease is generally 3 to 6 days.it should well treated.follow the following home remedy....... 1.Hydrate your baby properly.give baby coconut water, herbal teas,electrolyte. 2.give him healthy but light foods.avoid acidic foods . Give him herbal teas. 3.put neem patta all over his bed, make sure you are not mixing baby's clothes, blankets etc with other clothes as it is courageous. 4 .boil need patta in water n make the water cool .give him a bath.neem patta is very good for all skin problems. 5.consult the doctor . hope your baby will recover soon.
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Question: What is the remedies for foot mouth hand disease..my baby is suffering
Answer: Haven't you visited ur pediatrician yet?? If yes then he must HV given u the right medicines..don't go for extra remedies..follow wht doc has said..n ur baby will be okay in few days.
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Question: Hand foot and mouth disease. Remedy pls
Answer: This disease has no remedies you will need to follow your doctor's instruction and maintaining proper hygiene around baby
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