1 months old baby

Question: Any baby is one month old. While latching, how to break it in one side. She is not leaving my nipples. Any idea to break it. Please help

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Answer: Hello momy, Firstly Congrats for being a new mom.Its easy . Place your finger at the corner of your baby's mouth. Gently slide your finger into the side of the mouth and once baby s mouth is wide open you can detach baby from breast.
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Question: How to enlarge the nipples. Baby is not sucking the nipples Help me please Am much worried She is only 4 days old
Answer: New borns take time to drink milk. When baby start to suck milk nipple shape will be increase. Some tips to breastfeed--- Keep your baby near to you ( skin to skin contact). It is best solution to breast feed. Hold your breast and close to baby give your nipple in baby's mouth. Try this 2 to 4 times baby will try to suck. Rub your nipples on baby's cheeks. If these tips will not help then take help from lactation consultation.
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Question: My baby is one year old now. SHE is not leaving breastfeed I require to join work. Please Help
Answer: Go slowly. First try to reduce the time of feeding. Suppose you feed for ten minutes, make it five. Slowly skip a feed. This way slowly skip all the feeds in the day. It takes time but you can do it without much trouble. Give milk to baby before bed so night baby will not get up for feed. Slowly baby does not ask for night feeds too. Take care
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Question: My baby is one month old,she is not latching properly.what should I do?will expressing milk reduces breast milky?
Answer: Yes please don't do the mistake which I did. Gradually she will only do it at any cost don't leave it. Because I had too much of breast milk dripping I used to collect it and give in bottle she gradually reduced having from me directly and got addicted to bottle. Now she is not having from me so the milk is almost reduced.
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