30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anti bodies are positive means what?

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Answer: Hi dear this is nothinv to worry when anti bodies are positive it can fight againsr bacteria and other infections. This will keep you safe and helpfull to remain healthy . Fight as immune system. So no need to worry about yhis it is good.
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Question: What is kentone bodies
Answer: Ketone bodies are produced by the liver and used peripherally as an energy source when glucose is not readily available. 
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Question: what are anti birth options
Answer: The Copper T is effective in preventing pregnancy immediately after insertion and if pregnancy is desired, fertility returns after the Copper T is removed. The Copper T is designed to last for 10 years, although a woman may have it removed prior to that if pregnancy is desired. The Copper T does not contain any hormones so it does not change a woman’s menstrual cycle or have any of the side effects that come with hormonal methods of birth control.
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Question: What is rubullaigg test positive means?
Answer: A "positive" IgM test, meaning you have IgM in your blood, could be because you've recently been infected. ... That means you have rubella antibodies in your blood and are immune to future infection. A negative test is 0.7 or lower. You have too few antibodies to make you immune. If you have any, they can't be detected.
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