29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Amr 28 week pregnent cholche.kal thekhe baby movement kub kom Akbare na boole chole.ay rokom ki hoy akon .pls help me doctor. Ar belly niche halka pain or urinal o

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Answer: hi how are you mean to say that the baby movement sensor reduce it is possible that on some days you will get strong baby moments and on some other days you will get less baby movements do not worry we should take cold milk or fresh juice and try to take good rest by lying down towards you left side if the way baby momos that's an increase then it is advisable to consult to the doctor interpreting paining while doing urine then it indicates that you have got your dinner in track infection and for this purpose it is very important that you maintain a very good hygiene you should wash that area frequently you should also ki pendrive by wiping from front to back position and you should wear cotton UG and you can also apply coconut join this will review
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Question: Amr sexual problem hoche. Sex korte gale betha lage okane aber kakhono gaser pain a problem hy.verginal dry thake tateo somosya hy.back pain hy.acidity.bomi bomi pay preord hok chai na hok orakm halka halka pain hy mone hy hbe but tkn o time na. Amr khub week r sleepy lage nijek. Maje maje oi jaygay eching hy r rash ber hy but akn nei segulo maje maje ber hoy.ata ki kono symtoms kichur???? But ami pragnent noi
Answer: Hello! Bomi, acidity,rashes berono egulo sob e doctor dekhan. Tired laga acidity jonno hote pare. Apnar bodhoye khub gastric er problem ache, tar jonno doctor dekhano dorkar khub. Ta chara sex er somaye dry mane foreplay thik hoche na, tai apni kichu feel korchen na. Amar mote apni nije ek baar doctor ke dekhiye dile r proper treatment korle onek bhalo thakben. Bhalo thakun.
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Question: Bolche pregnent time kono push kora tablet use korle kono problem hoy na baby r? Doctor diyeche but amr kub bhoy hoche amr week cholche.pls help
Answer: Namaskar, doctor thik bolechen, push kora tablet e kono problem neyi, eta gelatin jatio hoye jeta ektu push korle bhitore chole jaye. Doctor jemon bolchen korun, kono problem hobe na. Take care
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Question: Mera 22 week running hai mujhe baby ki koi movement nhi pata chalti..mera baby breech position me hai or niche ki trf hai...doctor ne cx length 3.1 cm btai hai..mai working hu..all is ok or not..
Answer: Wait dear..if the reports are fine, you will feel it soon
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