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Question: Ami ki secend bar ma hote parbo amar age 34

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Answer: Hi Dear! Hyan oboshyoi hote parben, jodi apnar shob reports thik thake, periods regular, onyo kono complication na thake tobe 34 yrs. e arekbar conceive korte paren, shudhu ektai suggestion debo Dr. er sathe consult kore planning ta shuru korun tate apnar subidha hobe.. Bhalo thakun and all the best!
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Question: Ki vabe ami ma hote parbo?
Answer: hi dear if you are planning for a baby the first thing you should do to consult a gynecologist to check your present health parameters. if your hormonal level is normal and you don't have any other gynaecological issue then you can start taking Folic acid supplement to increase your fertility. doing sex in the fertile period increases chances of pregnancy. if you have 28 /30 days cycle your fertile period lies in between 10 to 17 days of your cycle. doing sex at this time increases chances of pregnancy. if you are taking caffeine it you should stop that. for your husband if he has any bad habits like smoking or drinking he should control it in Limited amount. taking zinc supplement for your partner will be effective. hope this will help you to get pregnant.
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Question: Mam amar 3 times abortion hoyeche last abortion amar 24th sep/18 hoyeche ami ki abar pregnant hote parbo amar biye 2016 Jan hoyechilo amar age ekhon 43 yrs amar intramural fibroid ache pls replt
Answer: Mam I had 3 miscarriages my last miscarriage was on 24th Sep/18...After 3 miscarriages can I get pregnant I m 43yrs old I hv also intramural fibroid in uterus Now I m going through depression. I hv no child I got married in year 2016..From 2016 to 2018 I had experienced 3 tyms serially miscarriages. Pls help me with ur advise.Wht I should do for my next pregnancy planning.
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Question: Ami ma hote chai. Sex korar por ki korte hobe?
Answer: Namaskar, maa hobar jonno sex thik dine korte hobe. Tar jonno ovulation period e sex korte hobe . Ovulation sadharonoto 14th day e hoye . Eta r jonno ovulation kit pawa jaye ota je konno osudh dokane paben. Ovulation kit er sahjoye apni ovulation period paben. Ovulation period sob dine sex Kora chesta korun. Eta teh Chance bere jaye pregnancy jonno. Take care
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