30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am in week 29, I have coughing and cold.. I use to drink hot water to reduce the cough and cold.. now I feel it reduce compare to before, but still it's not gone fully.. coughing will give any problem to baby ?

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Question: My baby is 11months,she got cold last 2/3 weeks but still it's continue, last one one week's before I give he medicine sincerest for cold but it's not works, her nose always dirty and if she is breathing sound is comings. Fever cold & cough was there last weeks before now coughing and fever is not there. Only cold is there any problem?
Answer: Hi.. The best remedy for an infant is, applying baby vicks vapour rub on your baby's back, chest and feet. Make the toddler wear a comfortable pair of socks after applying vicks. Repeat this twice or thrice in a day. You will definitely see the difference. Also, for running nose use saline water (nasoclear), it is easily available in any medical store. In case you find no difference in twenty four hours, then see a pediatrician. Please do not use adult vicks vapour rub..
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Question: No matter how many times I drink water I still feel thirsty. Cold water makes me feel better. Will it harm my baby i drank hot water from third to 6 months but now drinking icy cold water.
Answer: Hello! You can have cold water. But avoid too much of cold water as you might catch cold. However, it doesn't affect the baby as the body adjusts the temperature as per its requirement. Take care
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Question: Now can I drink normal water .... before I used to drink hot water becoz if my baby get cold know so used to drink hot water now it's summer season so can I drink cool water
Answer: Hi dear yes u can Have normal room temp. Water and avoid cold water ss it can give u cold to u. Having normal water is absolutely fine.
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