11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am having little cold and motions. Am worried? What should i do?

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Question: I am having cold and fever . What should I do
Answer: Cold and cough is a common during pregnancy in this weather as the weather changes these form of problems may come other then that in pregnancy a|so cold n cough use to happen because of hormonal changes . So here are few home remedies to treat cough and cold the best remedy is steam it's the most effective one. Having a steam bath can reduce cold. You can add few drops of eucalyptus oil to the bath water this will calm ur body too, or u can make an ajwain potli like u hv to dry roast ajwain and make a potli with muslin cloth so that the aroma of roasted ajwain can come. Place the potli near ur nose while sleeping this is so far the best remedy. Get well soon
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Question: I am having loose motions.. what should i do
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy take fenugreek seeds with buttermilk it helps a lot to reduce loose motions coconut water buttermilk ORS helps alot to reduce motions and keeps you rehydrated if fever starts or any other symptoms appear you need to contact doctor take care
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Question: My baby is having little cold and cough bcoz i am also having cold what should i do????
Answer: Hello, you should continue to breastfeed your baby because breastfeed is the best remedy do not worry it has antioxidants it will protect you baby . you can try these home remedies for cold and cough which will help the baby .Dry roast two big cloves of garlic and one tablespoon of ajwain. Once it cools down, place the mixture in a clean muslin cloth to make a tight pouch. Keep the pouch hidden under the baby’s pillow or cot. The aroma from the pouch can help in opening the blocked nose and provide relief from congestion 3.Take about one-fourth cup of warm mustard oil infused with crushed garlic. Massage this oil on the soles of the baby’s feet and chest. A pinch of carom seeds can be added to this too. Mustard oil has a warming effect that helps soothe congestion.This will help.you should also do steamalation this will help you
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