9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am having dehydration very soon. Even i drink lots of water. After drinking water my stomach became like bloated. Shall i drink glucon-d and electrolyte?? Pls guide me.

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Answer: Hi dear, What are the symptoms you experiencing due to dehydration? If you are feeling extremely thirsty inspite of drinking water,then it could be due to high sugar levels.Yes, bloating is one of the side effect of pregnancy hormones.it slows down the digestion there by increasing the water retention in body.you can help yourself by consuming more water,being active and consuming less salt in diet.spicy and deep fried food could increase the bloating,so refrain from having such food.eat great , clean,moderate spicy food.and keep sipping fluids through out the day.if you have complain of constipation,then bloating episodes would be more.so keep your gut clean by having more fibre in meals.include walking daily,which help in circulating fluids in body and thereby release bloating.
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    Shiyama Sekhar600 days ago

    I have extreme thirsty. I alredy drinking more water. But still i have dry throat and lips too. Is glucon-d help ful for this?? Pls tell.

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