38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 9month pregnent bt nipple not suitable for feeding because nipple olagogide so wt i do mam pls suggestion

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Answer: Hello mam, don't worry about it. Pigeon nipple shields are available in the market. They are very soft and very easy for breastfeeding. Buy them now and keep them ready in your hospital bag. After the baby is born, before you breastfeed the baby, please make sure you boil these nipple shields for 5 minutes (to sterilise them from germs) in a clean bowl and then use them to breastfeed the baby. Otherwise, baby will get motions, if you don't use sterilised nipple shields. I suggest you to buy at least 4 nipples shields. And boil all of them together in one bowl and keep them covered with a plate. Because newborn babies need milk for every 1 hour to 1 and half hours. This way you will save some time. NEVER use the "already used" nipple shield for the second time. Always use a fresh one. As you use these sheilds for few days, your nipples will open out and be ready to directly feed the baby. That time you can stop using the nipple shield. It took 20 days for me to stop the nipple shields, so don't worry. Hope this helps.
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    Sujatha G D834 days ago

    Tq u mam

Answer: Try nipple shield, it may help
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Question: Hi , i got nipple crack when i am feeding my baby i am getting pain a lot wt can i do for that pls tell
Answer: Hello dear, The cause of sore, cracked nipples can also be from a yeast or Candida infection in the baby or the mother or both. ... If the nipples become cracked or bleed, the latch may need to be corrected. Women are advised to keep on breastfeeding, as it will actually help the nipples heal. (continued) gently rub your nipple on your baby's lips to encourage him to open WIDE, you must get as much of the nipple in the mouth as you can, again aim toward the roof of the mouth. The baby should never just suck on the tip of the nipple (that will destroy your nipple quickly) the areola needs to be in the mouth too. If the latch isnt good, unlatch by inserting your finger in the corner of the mouth (like a fish hook) to break the suction. Try to latch again. If your nipples are already injured ie: lacerations, cracked, bleeding, it will take 1 - 2 weeks to completely heal them upon correctly latching every single feeding, along with using lanolin cream. Good Luck and dont give up.
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Question: My daughter not eating anything, she is only feeding so wt i can do (months old)
Answer: You can follow these steps to help your child eat well Sit and eat with your child. Show your child what eating healthy is like. You are your child's best role model. They will learn to eat and explore new foods by watching what you do. Offer new foods many times. Children often need to see, smell, and touch a food many times before tasting it. Your child may need to taste a food many times before they eat it. Continue to offer new foods and include foods your child has refused in the past. Give your child enough time to eat. Young children learn by touching, smelling and looking at foods. Give your child time to learn about the foods you offer. Learning to use a spoon and fork also takes time. Plan time to sit and eat slowly with your child. A mess is also part of learning how to eat. Try offering the same food in different ways. Be patient. Keep giving your child foods made in different ways: raw, cooked (steamed, roasted), in stews, soups and sauces. If your child likes vegetables cooked a certain way, give them other vegetables made that same way.
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Question: Am 17weeks pregnent i got so much of cold wt can i do
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce cold and cough, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Boil tulsi leaves with little pepper and water, reduces to half,have that water for one week,it will be more effective in reducing cough Have vapourisation with little. Tulsi leaves or Vick's,it will reduce cold and cough Drink water,soups ,milk in wairm temperature.. Have milk with little pepper powder and palm sugar,best remedy for cold,can also have egg with little pepper and salt, for couple of days it will be effective Drink chicken soup it will cure cold and cough soon..
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