33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 8th month pregnant from past 2days my face is glowing bt before it was dark and duller skin can u Plz tell me y its sudden changes in my skin

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Answer: It's hormonal change dear... Just be happy and enjoy the phase....
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Question: I am in my 9 month n my skin getting dark n dry . previously it was good n glowing now it is looking so dull why it is happening plz tell n wat to do?
Answer: Nothing to worry even I had the same experience, but after delivery it's getting back to normal. Keep your body hydrated and well moisturised. Hope this helps 😊
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Question: Which tonic is best for blood purification and glowing skin.. I am not pregnant and not planning for it right now .. can u pls suggest
Answer: Hello dear..the best thing you need to for blood purification and glowing skin is to eat good and workout regularly. Good food provides you with all the vital nutrients necessary for a healthy body and glowing skin and exercise boosts blood circulation that will also help in purification of blood . Pick fresh fruits and vegetables especially leafy ones and add then to your regular diet. Drink plenty of water.
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Question: From past 2days vaginal discharge was dischargeing me is it any problem plz tell me
Answer: hi if it is white discharge there is nothing to worry if then discharge is not smelling then it is ok if the discharge has a bad smell then it indicates infection in that case it is very important to maintain a very good hygiene which will help you
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